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Excel Magic
✨ Excel Magic ✨
Up your Excel skills with a series of videos from data journalist MaryJo Webster. Learn how to use functions to maximize your time cleaning and analyzing data in spreadsheets.
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Python series
IRE Training Director Cody Winchester walks through core Python skills, including getting set up, basic syntax, and data analysis using pandas.
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Google Sheets scraping
Easy web scraping
Samantha Sunne walks you through how to use Google Sheets to easily scrape data from websites or RSS feeds.
No coding required!
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Political Ad Archive
Get ready for Election 2020
Use the archive as a resource for digging into campaign advertising. You'll also learn how the data behind the ads can be analyzed in Excel.
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Trying to boost your data journalism skills? We know it can be hard to learn on your own. For more than 20 years, journalists have used Investigative Reporters & Editors and the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting to share ideas, solve problems and discuss techniques for computer-assisted reporting.

NICAR-Learn is a place for journalists to demonstrate their best tricks and strategies for working with data and for others to learn from some of the best data journalists in the business. You won’t find any hour-long webinars on this site (although, we do offer some on the IRE website). Instead, you’ll find short videos – most under 10 minutes – filmed to address specific skills, problems and software.

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