Calder Burgam, researcher at the National Institute on Money in State Politics, walks through how to navigate the different kinds of political funding data accessible on

If you’re interested in a specific feature, fast forward to the following timestamps:

  • Introduction to the Ask Anything search engine (0:22)
  • Searching single contributors (0:40)
  • Searching specific candidates (0:48)
  • Searching candidates by state (1:02)
  • Using the Data Navigator (2:08)
  • Sorting results by contributor sector (2:38)
  • Sorting results by candidate office type (3:03)
  • How to get detailed information for each search result row (3:54)
  • Introduction to My Legislature (4:20)
  • Viewing contributions by committee (5:16)
  • Using the Legislation viewer function to see giving ties (5:56)
  • Introduction to independent and lobbying spending data (6:44)
  • Viewing lobbyist spending data (7:44)
  • Using the entity info page (8:37)